Picnic 107
Hello everyone. I am Garima Shrivastav, a young enthusiastic cook. I am passionate about food and thats why I am here. I love food and anything related to it; be it cooking, eating, reading, listening and even watching food shows. My relationship with food in not new, as far as I remember I was hitched to coking from my childhood.

I was born and brought up in a family that loves food. My family would serve delicious food to their guests with as much enthusiasm, as they would enjoy it themselves and thus, I was no exception. My Mom recalls, when I was just four or five years old, I once told her, “Mummy, when I will grow up, I will cook aloo paratha and sweet tomato chatni for everyone, and you will not have to do a thing.” Huh! I hope I lived up to my statement Mumma.

So, I started cooking initially because I wanted to help my Mom, but soon it became my second love. Well, “dancing” still remains the first. Since my childhood I was keen on experimenting with food and tried new things always. Some would be successful and some…… never mind.

Today, my husband is my biggest support and he encourages me to try new recipes, and why not, he gets to eat good food in return. Not just that he even clicks picture of everything I cook. So that means, all the pictures posted in my blog are real and are NOT downloaded from any website.

I love to read about the history, geography and economics of food, and “Chatkhara” is essentially a platform where I will share my successful recipes with all of you. Along with that I will also keep posting about cuisines of different states and countries, festive recipes, importance of plating and much more. In this journey I would also need your support, your opinion, your guidance and your feedback, so I would request you to always help me with all the above and your love. You can write to me at Hope to hear from you soon, till then happy cooking!


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